What is Nappy Rash?

Nappy rash is the common term used to describe the rash that appears on the skin in the nappy area. It is quite common for babies, especially between the ages of 9 and 12 months. It is also a condition that might affect individuals of any age who require nappies or pads for treatment of incontinence.

Nappy rash is caused by your baby's delicate skin being in prolonged contact with urine and stool and by a tight nappy which can rub and prevent air circulation. In most cases, a barrier ointment such as Bepanthen can protect from the causes of nappy rash (click here to find out more about Bepanthen). In some cases, especially if it’s left untreated for more than 3 days, it can get infected by Candida, turning into a Candidal nappy rash. Candida is a yeast that harmlessly lives on the skin in small amounts, but under certain conditions it can increase and cause an infection. A Candidal nappy rash needs to be treated with an antifungal cream.

When should you visit the doctor?

It’s best to visit the doctor if your baby's nappy rash does not clear up, if it worsens, or if the symptoms suggest the rash is a Candidal nappy rash. If your baby has a fever or severe inflammation you should also visit your doctor to get advice on the best treatment.

Did you know…

…nappy rash is usually caused by rubbing and increased moisture due to nappy wearing , and by baby's skin coming into contact with urine and stool. Infection can develop if the yeast Candida starts to overgrow, causing a Candidal nappy rash.



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